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Brand partnerships

Outernet is uniquely positioned as the focal point for integrated brand activation - indeed, the hub and its siblings around the world are developed specifically around brand storytelling on an unprecedented scale.

A global product launch, a pop-up sampling event, a celebrity endorsement. Such brand ‘moments’ work best when developed in creative and commercial partnership with the international network of Outernet venues around the world.

  • 3x Oxford Circus footfall
  • 48k Pedestrians an hour
  • 108m Passengers a year
London’s premiere venue for immersive brand stories
London’s premiere venue for immersive brand stories

Product launches

Outernet’s grand scale, multiple locations and technical capabilities can deliver new levels of drama around a new product launch. Each venue will boast special facilities to accommodate the needs for security, secrecy and celebrity; but above all, versatility at scale is Outernet’s governing principle.


Every Outernet venue is located at the midpoint of a city’s entertainment and culture centre. Location aside, Outernet will feature on-campus facilities for screenings, celebrity hospitality and media events. Film premieres, season finales, game launches now have a space perfectly tailored to their needs.

Sampling events & experiential marketing

Think ‘pop-up event’ and immediately conjure images of low-key sampling events with little media impact. Not so at Outernet. Outernet’s unique capability to create global impact from localised events sets it apart from other spaces; and the anticipated footfall of Outernet locations allows unprecedented opportunities for 'physical + digital' brand activations.

Content marketing

Brand marketing is increasingly reliant on sticky and shareable content strategies; and Outernet provides a critical element to the content marketing mix. A place to experience brand content integrated with product sampling and mobile transaction via the largest, most picture-perfect screens anywhere in the world.

Unlock the potential

The daily street fight for just a fleeting moment of your target consumer’s attention is frenetic. Brand partnerships with Outernet offer a distinct alternative, where the user journey is confined to a controlled environment, but the user experience is free to be whatever it needs to be.

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