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Outernet’s London district offers the world’s largest and most technically advanced LED screens

Working with brands, we deliver unique, multi-sensory experiences that evolve the nature of experiential advertising. Situated in the heart of London at the crossroads of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, Outernet London has an estimated footfall of over 100M per year.

8K Resolution screens
Ultra HD Broadcast capability
100M+ Footfall per year
GQ display inside The Now Building
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Future of brand storytelling

Outernet is first and foremost a broadcast experience, but on an epic scale. Through the world’s largest LED screens and a 360 environment, Outernet provides brands unique story-telling formats that will evolve the future of advertising.

A global network

London will host the first Outernet district. More are already in the pipeline including New York and Los Angeles. As a network, Outernet will offer brands simultaneous access to a global audience, driving unrivalled impact and awareness.

Prime location

Each Outernet district will be located in the heart of the world’s most exciting cities, presenting huge footfall and cultural significance. Nine target city locations have been identified across the globe.

Latest technology

The era of 5G, AR, VR and the ‘Internet of Things’ has arrived. These culture-busting technologies require a space where retailers, entertainers and consumers can experience their benefits. Outernet will facilitate emerging technologies.

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Brand partnerships Discover brand storytelling with impact

Outernet is uniquely positioned as the focal point for integrated brand activation. We're building a global network specifically to enable brand storytelling on an unprecedented scale. Global product launches, live events, pop-up sampling, celebrity endorsements - brand moments work best when developed in creative and commercial partnership with Outernet’s world-class creative team and unique production capabilities.

Tentpole moments

Outernet’s prime location, multiple spaces and vast technical capabilities make it one of the world’s most exciting environments for big brand moments. From product launches, to new collections, to the latest releases, Outernet creates unrivalled experiences that drive maximum impact and awareness.

Global impact

Outernet is set to become one of London’s most visited attractions with an expected footfall of over 100m per year. Brand activations will be extensively captured on camera-phones and shared, driving global reach and huge earned media across social platforms.

Screening events

Each Outernet district will offer facilities for a wide array of screening events including film premiers, season finales, trailer launches and immersive showcases. Media and talent hospitality will be expertly tailored for each event.

Connected Retail

Outernet London’s Now Building has two multi-purpose pop-up units connected to the main atrium space, available to partners for big brand moments. This allows brands to connect physical with digital, creating environments for product-trial and sampling that lead to product purchase.


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