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Priscilla The Party! opens at HERE at Outernet on 6th March 2024.

Tickets are on sale now at

It's 30 years since the unforgettable film graced our screens and 18 years since London first embraced the phenomenal stage musical. Priscilla The Party! promises to be an unprecedented and unforgettable evolution of this iconic legacy.

Priscilla the Party Divas on stage at Outernet launch party

Photo: Alan West

Attendees will be invited to unleash their inner diva as Priscilla Queen of the Desert transitions from a beloved musical into an extraordinarily immersive party! The stage is set at HERE at Outernet, our electrifying venue located in the vibrant heart of London's Soho.

This sensory experience is poised to transport participants to the boundless Australian outback, a world of glitz, glamour, and endless entertainment. The audience can expect an extravagant display of eye-popping costumes, an exhilarating soundtrack that encourages everyone to sing along, and an opportunity to dance the night away to an unforgettable playlist.

Priscilla The Party Performers on stage at Outernet launch event

Photo: Alan West

From its dazzling debut in Sydney in 2006, the ultimate jukebox musical created by Allan Scott and Stephan Elliott has taken the world by storm. It initially graced the London stage in 2009 before conquering Broadway in 2011. The enduring message of acceptance and inclusivity that Priscilla carries remains as significant today as it was when the curtains first rose.

This time, Priscilla reimagines itself in an intimate and immersive setting, where the show unfolds all around the audience, creating an unforgettable fusion of theatrical brilliance and the most sizzling party in town. Brought to you by Director Simon Phillips, and Producers Randall A. Buck, Patrick Bywalski, Rod Gunner in association with Nullarbor Productions and MGM on Stage.

Guests can choose between an exclusive premium dining experience, featuring a sumptuous three-course meal, or opt to sit or stand on the dance floor. For those in seats or on the dance floor, a diverse array of bar snacks and drinks are readily available from the expansive bar area.

 Don't miss the chance to be part of this sparkling extravaganza, celebrating the illustrious legacy of "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" in a way that only London's iconic Soho district can offer.

Munroe Bergdorf, Activist, model and broadcaster said:

“I’m just very excited about Priscilla The Party! It’s such a groundbreaking story, especially with everything going on with the trans community right now, this is what we need, we need stories that lead with joy, and to show that the trans experience isn’t always about tragedy. Priscilla is a timeless classic, for so many queer people it was the first time we saw queer people in movies, that we saw drag queens in movies, that I saw a trans woman on screen.”

Simon Phillips, Director said:

“We will spread the experience of Priscilla in and amongst the crowd and everyone can really be part of the extraordinary soundtrack and the adventure that the cast go on.”

Garry McQuinn, Producer said:

“Now it's time to show Priscilla in a new light and I’m incredibly proud of that…we are telling a beautiful story in a beautiful new way. It’s about everybody, it’s about connection and family and reconciliation.”

Karrie Goldberg, HERE at Outernet:

“We built the venue with acceptance and inclusivity in mind and being a safe space for everyone. And that’s something that Priscilla delivers tenfold. We’ve got a set that comes apart and transports people to Australia and being able to engage with the audience in an intimate experience, like in this venue, is unlike any theatre.”

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