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Outernet London, the new immersive media and culture district, has announced a dynamic content partnership with WeTransfer. 

The partnership focuses on WeTransfer’s work with emerging young talent as well as renowned artists through its award-winning digital arts platform WePresent.  WeTransfer’s content will be broadcast and displayed on Outernet’s 23,000 square feet, four-storey, 360 degree digital canvas – the most advanced immersive space in the world. 

Image: Contemporary surrealist artist, Polly Nor

WePresent’s commissions range from editorial features to films, illustrations, photography series, events, exhibitions and social media activations. Since the platform’s inception, they have worked with over 1000 artists from over 100 countries, making it some of the most diverse content on the internet. These include emerging artists and well-known names with examples including:

The debut film of acclaimed British artist and actor Simbiatu Ajikawo aka Little Simz called I Love You, I Hate You, inspired by the song of the same name from her 2021 album Sometimes I May Be Introvert. The short film tells the story of repressed memories of the relationship between Little Simz and her father. 

To coincide with the release of his 2020 album, The Long Goodbye, actor, musician and activist Riz Ahmed created a short film of the same name produced in collaboration with WePresent. A sobering and powerful watch, The Long Goodbye is Oscar nominated for Best Live Action Short and imagines a dystopian near future and sees Riz unpack his feelings towards his country. The film won Best Short Film at the British Independent Film Awards, a Gold and two Silver Lions at Cannes Lions, and the Grand Prix at the Odense International Film Festival.

FKA twigs has been a long-time collaborator with WePresent. The Baltimore Dance Project saw a public dance workshop led by the artist captured in a documentary. The film We Are The Womxn documented her as she travelled to perform at Afropunk Festival in Atlanta in late 2019. There she joined forces with healer and spiritual leader, Queen Afua, to host a moon dance in celebration of the sacred womxn. Practice was an intimate look at FKA twig's year of pole-performance training for the Cellophane video – the early mornings, late nights and physical pain and gruelling perfectionism it took to make her creative vision a reality.

A collaboration (pictured) with contemporary surrealist artist, Polly Nor. The artist’s first short story animated film, titled “How Have You Been?” is about loss, grieving and finding comfort amid the company and friendship of a slug-turned-demon creature.

“How Have You Been?” takes a sensitive approach to examine the many aspects of our current world, and the loneliness felt from tremendous loss and grief. Through animated illustrations, Polly turns her personal experiences of loss into a story that’s universally relatable. 

Philip O’Ferrall, CEO and President Outernet Global said: “This partnership is exactly what Outernet has been designed to do. We can take the fantastic commissions from WePresent and create cultural and artistic moments for the public across our giant digital canvas. There really is nothing like Outernet and working with like-minded people such as the team at WeTransfer and WePresent means we’ll deliver something very special indeed.”

Holly Fraser, Senior Director of Content, WeTransfer, said: “As a predominantly digital platform, we are looking forward to sharing WePresent’s commissions with new audiences through Outernet’s immersive screens in one of the most creative districts in the world. Culture should be part of everyday life, and we envisage this being an opportunity to share the arts with a wider audience who will now be able to see powerful creative projects every single day.” 

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