Something else is happening; something big; a contemporary amphitheatre is taking shape and it has the potential to become a new icon for London.

Interior of the Outernet Building, London

Outernet London is the first launch in a worldwide network of city entertainment hubs that aim to embody and elevate both the culture and the commerce of their carefully chosen urban locations. It’s a unique development for the Capital, combining entertainment, immersive curated content and advertising - as well as next-generation online retail.

Part of the St Giles Circus development, Outernet London will breathe new life into this rapidly evolving area of the city centre, using the cultural cues of Soho; the heart of the UK’s creative community, Oxford Street; Europe’s biggest shopping street, and Denmark Street; Britain’s ‘Tin Pan Alley’ also know affectionately as the birthplace of British rock and roll.

The Outernet London development will consist of a number of curated spaces including The NOW building, a 2000 capacity underground live music venue, a product sampling and distribution centre, more curated screen square-footage than Piccadilly Circus, a major hotel, retail areas and restaurants. The musically iconic, if rather tired, Denmark Street will also get a complete refurbishment that will preserve its musical history while giving it an exciting and sustainable future. As part of the project the much loved and lamented 12 Bar Club will be re-opened along with music shops and performance spaces.

Outernet London launches in 2020 and is expected to attract in excess of 400,000 visitors daily, making it one of London’s most popular destinations. Future sites around the world include New York, Los Angeles and Dubai.

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