A new TSHA track and 360° music video will debut on the giant LED screens of Outernet London. ‘Sister’, directed by Alice Bloomfield and produced by Ridley Scott Creative Group and Black Dog Films, will feature an Arcadian manga-inspired world. The project is the first Tomorrow Now (TMRW NW) commission.

The TMRW NW partnership was launched by the Ridley Scott Creative Group and Outernet Global last year to seek out young creatives who are able to produce exciting films and audio-visual content that make the most of Outernet’s 2000 square metres of Ultra HD LED screens and immersive capabilities.

Director Alice Bloomfield said: “This has been an amazing opportunity and especially exciting from a creative angle, given the unique space. I’ve loved exploring the possibilities of the building and adapting my narrative to fit a 360 environment, so that the viewer is completely immersed in the world I’ve created. I’ve also never worked on anything anywhere near this scale before, so it’s going to be crazy seeing my work on the massive screens. I think having five full walls of animation paired with TSHA’s tune is going to be something really special.”

Director Alice Bloomfield

Philip O’Ferrall, CEO of Outernet Global, added: “As we draw nearer to launching Outernet London, we understand the importance of first impressions. We partnered with Black Dog Films and created TMRW NW to find the young mavericks, visionaries, and pioneers that could produce something truly jaw-dropping for those first visitors to Outernet.

"Alice’s vision is timely and timeless. There is something so warm and reassuring about her world that sits in perfect counterpoint to the bustle of central London life. By bringing it to life on our screens, you feel completely wrapped up in it. It’s like going for a leafy walk through a rustic paradise on a summer’s day…right outside Tottenham Court Road tube. We’re beyond excited.”

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