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The rise of immersive public environments offering breath-taking new ways to experience culture, entertainment and commerce requires technology companies to work harder than ever to deliver audience expectations. Outernet is at the forefront of this new hybrid of high-street meets immersive experience. As we approach our first launch in London, we have strengthened our tech stack through partnerships with suppliers at the very top of their game.

For our giant LED screens we turned to AOTO to supply a canvas of over 2000 square metres of 8k LEDs operated via multiple 64k controllers. Our London site is the world’s largest deployment of LED screens by pixel density and will enable incredible 360-degree visual experiences.  

A creative canvas of this scale requires the simultaneous rendering and output of hundreds of millions of pixels in real-time. For the solution we partnered with Ventuz, whose real-time software solutions, often seen in broadcast TV, offer freely scalable, resolution-independent content creation and playout.

Mobile interaction comes via an ‘experience automation platform’ from Realife Tech, whose apps power many of the largest music and entertainment venues across Europe. An Outernet mobile app will enable interaction between visitors and our LED screens via their mobile phones. 

Other key vendors include Qvest Media as Master Systems Integrator and Freshwave to deploy and manage 4G indoor mobile coverage for all four mobile network operators across our entire Outernet London district

Mike Whittaker, Outernet’s CTO, commented: “What we are building with Outernet is so extraordinary it far exceeds the usual technology solutions. We have developed a best-in-class integrated solution that allows us to work in real-time across LED canvases of 16K that deliver the best immersive experience to our clients and audiences.

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