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Chateau Denmark will arrive in summer 2021 and is inspired by the birthplace of the British music scene. It forms a key part of the wider Outernet London district and comprises bedrooms and apartments designed by Taylor Howes which pay homage to Denmark Street’s unique story. Boldly embracing the street’s best loved sentiment; creative expression, striking finishes and natural materials will come together to offer a playful and mischievous experience.

Chateau Denmark will be located on the upper floors and around Denmark Street’s world-famous music shops, one-time recording studios, record labels and musician hotspots. Each with their own unique backstory, the 16 characterful buildings will be home to the brand’s 55 session rooms and apartments. Many original architectural details have been lovingly restored to reflect their original time and place. The overall design intent for Chateau invokes a timeless exploration of punk, rock and gothic meets grandeur and psychedelia to create a fierce beauty.

Denmark Street is where the entire history of British music changed course multiple times, in a matter of decades. It’s where lyricists and musicians would jam and riff together in local hangouts and studios, unknowingly already well on their way to legendary status. Locals such as Bowie, Rotten, Hynde, Hendrix and Jagger would walk the same streets and buildings as visitors Chaplin, Marley, Dylan and even Wonder – individually and together forging a culture that would live and be remembered for decades to come. Their work on Denmark Street would be amplified on stage and around the world, as they became the soundtrack to moments in each of our lives.

Chateau Denmark bedroom

Chateau Denmark offers a rare kind of escapism that affords the privilege of joining the fabric of somewhere etched in popular and subversive culture. Far from a ‘hotel’, Chateau Denmark is a new brand from Outernet Global and is in collaboration with hospitality industry leader Carrie Wicks’ CAW Ventures. In 2021, Chateau will celebrate the stories, people and energy that helped make the street what it is today. But like any place of such cultural significance the session rooms and apartments will leave some of the best stories yet to be discovered.

Philip O’Ferrall, Outernet Global CEO said:

“As Chateau Denmark begins we’ll remind the world that this is where The Rolling Stones recorded their first demo, the Sex Pistols once lived and of course where many believe, Ziggy Stardust was born.”

CAW Ventures Carrie Wicks said:

“By the time we open next year, more than ever people will need to have it their way, connecting however they wish. In 2021, together we'll present the next chapter of staying up or waking up in London.”

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