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Outernet Global and SwivelMeta have partnered to deliver brands an accessible and unique way to enter into the world of web3. provides a route for brands to establish their web3 presence and create customer engagement. Experiences can be tailored to each brand and activated with media content, interactive features and e-commerce. 

Outernet offers a gateway to bridge real-world physical experience seamlessly into a fully immersive web3 experience. At the heart of Outernet London is The Now Building – the most advanced immersive space on the planet with 250,000 sq ft of immersive public and private spaces.

Through this partnership, innovative brands now have the largest in-person and experiential platform ever created to launch and propel their web3 innovation.

"We've built the only software platform that provides brands with a one-stop-shop on-ramp to web3 and the metaverse," said Scott Harmon, CEO of SwivelMeta. "But by linking up with a global leader in Outernet, clients will now be able to bridge the physical and virtual realms to build campaigns, unlike anything that came before.

Philip O'Ferrall, President and CEO of Outernet Global, said, "SwivelMeta are leading the way in creating metaverse and web3 experiences. Outernet's pioneering technology and spaces allow us to combine the physical and the digital in ways that haven't been possible before. What brands will be able to do by working with us and the digital worlds that SwivelMeta can create is going to be exemplary, driving reach and consumer engagement in really incredible ways." 

SwivelMeta and Outernet are working to create metaverse platforms purpose-built for social commerce, pioneering digital and physical products and launching them to online communities and real-world audiences projected to be up to 400,000 per day in central London via Outernet.

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