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We ask Philip: What is 'The Outernet' or indeed 'an Outernet'?

"Simply put, it's the first in new global network of immersive media spaces to launch in London's Soho."

What does that mean exactly?

"It means a major new live music, retail and events amphitheatre set to open in 2020. Outernet London acts as global blueprint for future planned venues in New York, Los Angeles & beyond. Outernet London will embrace the local community to energise the vision for Outernet."

And what's the Now Building?

"The Now Building is the main public atrium which will boast floor to ceiling 8k screens & a 2,000 capacity venue below offering immersive digital experiences.

"The first Outernet, will be based at the current development opposite Tottenham Court Road Underground station, at the junction with Oxford Street, London's busiest shopping street. The Outernet London will be the first in a series of connected city centre city hubs that will offer a number of global cities a truly unique experiential destination."

So back to the Now Building which seems to provoke quite an emotional response?

"The jewel in the crown of The Outernet will be The 'Now Building' – a live interactive broadcast environment that will boast 8k, 360 degree floor-to-ceiling screens which will enable brands and storytellers to share scheduled, short-form content and brand engagement.

"Outernet London will also boast a selection of entertainment facilities including a 2,000 capacity live music venue that will aim to re-energise the rock and roll pedigree of the surrounding Soho area. The venue will take inspiration from the iconic performances that have taken place in nearby venues such as Denmark Street, home to Soho's iconic Tin Pan Alley of historic music venues.

"The Outernet is based at the hub of London's new Crossrail service – occupying a truly unique position where Tottenham Court Road, Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street meet. The Outernet is expected to welcome over 400,000 visitors a day comprised of local office workers, shoppers and tourists upon opening.

"Aside from The Now Building and live events venue, The Outernet will also comprise a cluster of separate immersive media spaces which will include product sampling lobby, additional live music space, a hotel, to be named Chateau Denmark, various pop-up and fixed retail environments and a selection of restaurants and bars.

"The vision for The Outernet has been over a decade in the making, with the property required to deliver the vision taking over 16 years to acquire.

"What makes this development unique is the arguably the mix of property and media people who have come together in order to secure the vast investment required and deliver a curated space that we believe can become a new global icon for London.

Philip Bourchier O'Ferrall is a seasoned former Viacom executive and one of the most influential players in the global media and entertainment business.

Commenting on the launch, Philip says:

"The Outernet London will be our first site, and will be a truly unique cultural amphitheatre for Londoners. From immersive, digitally-enabled brand experiences, to live music performances to retail, this will be a destination that will be set up to cater for the needs of any Londoner or visitor to the capital.

"The Outernet has been a long time in the making we believe it offers something unique to brands, advertisers and consumers and with The Now Building, we will have the ability to broadcast what is happening at The Outernet daily to an international audience.

"I believe that The Outernet will reinvigorate the music scene of Denmark Street, acting as a catalyst for the next wave of reinvestment in this iconic part of London. London is the debut location, but we have a truly global vision for The Outernet. The future of Outernet is the development of a global network of inter-connected city centre cultural hubs offering consumers immersive digital and media experiences in truly unique locations."

Amy Lamé

Photo by Matt Writtle

Amy Lamé

Amy Lamé, London's Night Czar, said:

"It's great news that Outernet will be bringing this new experience to Soho's nightlife and, as a new global blueprint for their future venues, shows how London is again leading the world."

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