Advertising Unparalleled audience impact


Outernet’s total-immersion, 8K digital canvas offers unparalleled impact for the advertiser; and our integration of the latest mobile commerce technology allows the advertiser the shortest possible pathway from ad impact to transaction.

Situated at the nexus of London’s busiest shopping street and the hub of London’s Crossrail high capacity rail network, the Outernet is forecasting an average footfall of 48,000 visitors per working hour.

  • 3x Oxford Circus footfall
  • 48k Pedestrians an hour
  • 108m Passengers a year

A TV spot everywhere

London will host the first of at least nine Outernet sites launching over the next five years. As a network, Outernet will offer global brands simultaneous access to global audiences with unrivalled and instant global impact.

Prime location

Outernet aims to reflect the culture of each host city; so you will only find an Outernet in locations that offer high footfall and cultural significance. Iconic addresses for new Outernet sites are already confirmed in the US and beyond.

Cutting edge technology

The age of 5G, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things is upon us. Such culture-busting technologies require a crux whereby merchants, entertainers and consumers can experience their benefits. Outernet is a showcase for these emerging technologies.

Cinematic immersion

For all its seemingly endless possibilities, Outernet is first and foremost a broadcast experience; but on a titanic scale. The highest resolution, large-format screens provide digital immersion that dwarfs iMax and all others before it.

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